Google Home smart appliance network suffers outage
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RS Wood
2018-06-28 19:03:09 UTC
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Updated Google's entire Home infrastructure has suffered a serious
outage, with millions of customers on Wednesday morning complaining
that their smart devices have stopped working.

At the time of writing, the cloud-connected gadgets are still hosed,
the service is still down, and the system appears to have been
knackered for at least the past 10 hours. The clobbbered gizmos can't
respond to voice commands, can't control other stuff in your home, and
so on.

Chromecasts can't stream video, and Home speakers respond to commands
with: "Sorry, something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds."

Users in Google's home state of California started complaining that
their Google Home, Mini, and Chromecast devices were not working
properly around midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, and the issue cropped
up in every country in which the Google Home devices are sold.

But it was only when the United States started waking up on Wednesday
morning – the US has the vast majority of Google Home devices – that
the reports started flooding in, pointing to an outage of the entire

Google has confirmed the devices are knackered, but has so far provided
no other information, saying only that it is investigating the issue.
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Andy Burns
2018-06-28 20:53:39 UTC
Post by RS Wood
Chromecasts can't stream video,
Either they've fixed it by now, or it was a country specific issue, my
tablet is happy streaming to my chromecast ...