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RS Wood
2018-05-21 02:47:20 UTC
From the «Nice while it lasted though» department:
Title: "Don't be Evil" Disappearing From Google's Code of Conduct
Author: Fnord666
Date: Sun, 20 May 2018 21:42:00 -0400
Link: https://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=18/05/19/1750233&from=rss

A number of soylentils have written in to let us know that Google is opening up
the possibility of being evil by eliminating it from their code of conduct.
You've been warned.

"Don't be Evil" Starting to Disappear From Google's Code of Conduct

takyon[1] writes:

Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct[2]

Google's unofficial motto has long been the simple phrase "don't be evil."
But that's over, according to the code of conduct that Google distributes to
its employees. The phrase was removed sometime in late April or early May,
archives hosted by the Wayback Machine show.

[...] The updated version of Google's code of conduct still retains one
reference to the company's unofficial motto—the final line of the document is
still: "And remember... don't be evil, and if you see something that you
think isn't right – speak up!"

April 21[3] vs. May 4[4].

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Read more of this story[9] at SoylentNews.

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2018-05-23 00:25:17 UTC
Post by RS Wood
Title: "Don't be Evil" Disappearing From Google's Code of Conduct
Thanks for the link and have spread the message even further!